Les Galapons
The cooking, it is when things have the taste of what they are.


(Thanks from Les Galapons to our Producers)

The Table d'Hôtes

Sandrine was trained to the Paul Bocuse institute of Lyon, by the Chiefs Jean Philippon (cooking) and David Fillat (pastry). Without claiming today to compete with these chiefs or French "Maîtres Restaurateurs", Sandrine's cooking is a home cooking of regional inspiration with fresh products, using as soon as possible local products in short circuit.

Among our various sources of supply, you can find on our table the products of the producers and the following retailers:

The Table d'Hôtes in practice

The Continental Breakfast

One night in a Guest House, it's also a breakfast included in the price of the room. Served in the terrace or in the dinning room from 6:15am toi 9am on weekdays and from 7am to 10am the weekend, we take care of you for this moment by proposing you, according to the availability, an assortment of the following products:

  • Hot Drinks : Fresh grinded Coffee, Tea and herbal infusion from the Lestra House, chocolate & milk, chicory Coffee
  • Cold Drinks : Orange Juice, local Fruit juices
  • Fresh Bread and pastries (Maison d'S-R)
  • Home made yoghurts(nature, soya )
  • Home made jam, local honeys
  • According to the humor of Sandrine: french toast, pancakes, cakes...

Gastronomy of Lyon

We are in the area of French-style gastronomy: at 40 km from Lyon, world capital of the Gastronomy. We have the big advantage to be near the spaces of productions of remarkable products:

  • Poultry from Bresse,meat from Charolais and Savoye
  • Games, fishes and frogs from Dombes and Ain,,
  • Vegetables and fruits from Drôme, Ardèche and Forez
  • Cheeses from Savoye, Vercors and Forez,
  • Wines from Bourgogne, Beaujolais, Bugey and Rhône Valley.

It is the quality of products, been born from the passion of the producers, that allowed the gastronomy of Lyon to become what it is today.

We lived for a long time in Lyon, it is thus with pleasure that we shall indicate you the good places of restaurants on Lyon, to avoid tourist traps.

For more information about the gastronomy of Lyon, we invite you to follow these links