Les Galapons

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The swimming season is over...

the water is now at less than 20°C.

See you in the beautiful season (end of April normally...)

COVID-19 Information

The different health measures linked to the COVID-19 pandemic force us to modify the organisation around the pool and the fitness area.

Please consult the page concerning sanitary measures for more information.

The pleasure of swimming pool, as "Les Galapons" does it

Relaxation or amusement? it's your choice !

Sequence shot: a book abandoned upside down on a sunbathing ... Back travelling and you perceive his reader making some breaststroke in our swimming pool.

A summer day in the rain?

But the aquatic enjoyments remain possible! The dome allows to take advantage of the swimming pool in all weathers. And when the sun is here, we open panels to allow a direct access to lawns.


The outside swimming pools always too cold?

Not here ! The dome allows to make it rise until 30°C  from the middle of June to the middle of September and protects you from the wind.

Swimming pools are dangerous for the young children ?

We pay it particularly caution: the access to the swimming pool is protected by electronic badge and we lend water wings at the size of your child. Your children can in complete safety and under your suprevision use the many aquatic toys.