Les Galapons

This (very long) page contains a set of informations concerning the sanitary measures applied in Les Galapons. It may be exhaustive and/or unclear, we are sorry.

For any question, specific need or desire, please do not hesitate to contact us directly through our contact page, by email at contact@lesgalapons.fr or by phone at +33 6 61 57 32 84.

Thank you for your trust and see you soon.

Hello everyone,
For more than 4 years that we (Sandrine and Sébastien) have been receiving at the Galapons, the opinions and comments of our guests have often evoked the impeccable cleanliness of our rooms and premises. This is by no means a coincidence!

Cleanliness at the Galapons

Sandrine, during her training at the Paul Bocuse Institute, was trained in HACCP methods, which make it possible to manage food safety and offer meals in strict compliance with hygiene standards.

Sébastien holds a BAC+4 "Hygiene and Cleanliness Service Manager" degree. Trained at the National Institute of Industrial Hygiene. He has worked for several cleanliness companies and has been trained in cleaning and disinfection operations in various environments (tertiary sector, hotel industry, food industry, hospitals, etc.).

We believe that cleanliness is a mark of respect and welcome towards our guests, and so we have never deviated from this spirit: we have never understood how it was possible, in some hotels, to give 15 minutes to the cleaning staff to carry out the complete cleaning of a room, when it takes us more than an hour to do it properly. In the same vein, the "like at home" cleaning of non-professional accommodation cannot meet the sanitary requirements due to the regular reception of guests.

Thus, today as in the past and even more so in the future, we will continue to make it a point of honour to ensure the health safety of all, by maintaining and strengthening our cleaning and disinfection procedures.

However, additional disinfection measures are taking us longer than before. Therefore, we now ask our guests to strictly adhere to the arrival (from 5pm) and departure (before 11am) times to ensure that the safety of all is respected.

In addition to the legal provisions and barrier measures which we will always make a point of complying with, we are convinced that this crisis and the measures accompanying it can be facilitated by communication between everyone. Therefore, we will always give priority to discussion with you: ask us questions, let us know your comments and needs! As always, we will always be at your side to make your stay in the Galapons safe and enjoyable!

Existing and complementary health safety measures

We provide our guests with hydro-alcoholic gel.

All rooms are tiled, which allows easy and effective cleaning and disinfection, unlike carpets.

Our interventions are carried out in compliance with barrier measures to avoid cross-contamination: we wear masks, change gloves or disinfect hands between each room and change cloths and wipes again between each room.

The common areas and equipment are cleaned and disinfected every day.

Cleaning is done daily in the rooms, including for stays of several nights: ventilation of the rooms, repair of the bed, cleaning and disinfection of each room, all equipment, floors and horizontal plans.

Special attention is paid to switches, door handles, faucets, shower heads, remote controls, keys, garbage cans, household and electrical appliances. Floors, chairs, tables, bathrooms and toilets are also screened.

We proceed in two steps: cleaning and then disinfection, because only what is clean is disinfected. This is because disinfectants are inactivated by excessive dirt loads.

We change the bathroom linen at least every two days and the bed linen every 5 days as well as every change of guests, of course.

All the laundry goes through the machine on a long cycle at at least 60°C.

We use disinfectant detergent products, as well as household alcohol, which has a similar action to hydroalcoholic gel.

We do not use bleach, due to the chemical risks of this product and the incidents of discolouration on textiles.

Maintaining and adapting services

The respect of barrier gestures and the legislation concerning the hotel business imposes new rules of operation on us. The information below may therefore change over time.

  • Breakfast

We continue to provide breakfast, which is included in the room rate. We will ask you in the evening for the next day what you would like to have, as unfortunately the conviviality and generosity of a common breakfast around our large table is no longer possible.

There is no question of reducing the proposal or the quality of the products, but we will be attentive to its implementation in compliance with the rules of hygiene and limitation of waste.

It can be served in the common room or in a room, depending on the legislation, the respect of barrier measures and your wish.

  • Table d’hôte

Current government measures do not allow us to offer food to our guests during the time of confinement. As soon as the restaurants are allowed to open, we will offer our gourmet plate again.

  • Kitchenette

We provide our guests with a kitchenette with water point, microwave oven and refrigerator. On request we can provide cutlery and plates.

Specific rules of access to the kitchenette are in place to allow the respect of barrier measures. In addition, the equipment is cleaned and disinfected daily.

  • Swimming pool and fitness area

The equipment in the fitness area is currently unusable, as legislation prohibits the opening of any type of sports hall.

The swimming pool is closed (winter season)

  • Outdoor games for children

As in parks and public spaces in Isère, access to these facilities is authorised, until the legislation is amended.

Something wrong? A specific need? A desire? A question?

We are transparent about the measures implemented for the protection of our guests and ourselves. Perhaps you have questions or a specific need after reading this (very) long page: don't hesitate to contact us. We will answer you in all honesty, it is in our interest and the trust that our guests can have in our guest room.

Thank you for your trust and your help.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Sandrine and Sébastien.