Les Galapons

The idea to create "les Galapons" was born in 2010, after " an accident of professional life ". Fort of the report that we love our house, whom we are a little bit stay-at-home but like receiving, the idea to work at our home seems to us interesting. At this time, we just begin then to write the history of what will become much later "Les Galapons'.

The visit of a bed and breakfast on sale near us (Greetings to Cécile and Jean-Louis;)), but which does not correspond to our family life finalize the idea and the desire for the project and here we are thus committed in the sale of our house of Dizimieu which did not agree, then to look for the new property. Leave of not much and create what we wish.

Sandrine C., our agent real estate / globe trotter / Teacher preferred found us the perfect property: the big old isolated farm full of potential.

Really full of the potential !!!

  • 4 ha of ground
  • 150 m ² livable and 450 m ² of dependence
  • a swimming pool with its dome
  • an isolated and quiet situation

We shall cross you all the details of the pitfalls of this kind of project but after two and a half years of works realized for the greater part by ourself (only the skeleton, the masonry, the water purification and the shutters were realized by professional worker), we can open you the doors of our first two rooms today, and it's there indeed all that matters....

Thus one thank you has all those who supported us and helped, closely or remotely, and with a particular thought (in the disorder) for :

  • Loïc B. Jérôme and Anne-Laure, Carine and Loïc L., who we flew some days, weekends and/or holidays,
  • Stéphane, our neighboor farmer, Specialist of the plantations of shrubs with an excavator,
  • Odile Garnier, painter-decorator (http://www.vertdeterre.eu/) for his availability and hers invaluable advice regarding patina on wood

Of course, there are still some works, to offer you some more of service and open three other rooms but we are certain that the next right-hand pages of "Les Galapons" will be written on the book of this new life, in the ink of good moments spent in your company, punctuated with your laughter and with souvenirs of the beautiful days and the past good nights at our home.

Thank you again to you.

Sandrine & Sébastien

PS : In little gift, for the time which you spent to read these few lines, some photos of the works...